Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    pattern of religious understanding of martyr motahari and its critique of the viewpoint of the development of the religious understanding of Dr.soroush    M.Sc.    khezri, Abbas    2018-05-27
2    the relationship between reason and religion from viewpoint of fakhr al-din al-razi and mullasadra    Ph.D    keshvari, abdulkarim    2018-05-13
3    The critique of the philosophical presuppositions of the    M.Sc.    davudi moghdam, Abbas    2018-05-06
4    Examination of evidences of rationalism in the chapter of “Intellect and Ignorance” of sheikh Kolini ‘s Osul Alkafi and Its compresence with Fideism.    M.Sc.    delkhosh, khadije    2018-04-22
5    A critical analysis of mojtahed shabestari's viewpoints about understanding of quran    M.Sc.    roshanzamir, sara    2018-04-22
6    Philosophic analysis of healthness in Mollasadra's view    Ph.D    Roodi, Masoumeh    2018-02-27
7    Philosophical Challenges of Quantum Physics    M.Sc.    amirpoor, ali    2018-01-03
8    Reading the similarity of the hermeneutic approach to language in Heidegger's thought with the applied and normative approach to language in later Wittgenstein's thought    M.Sc.    Samsami, Amir    2017-10-31
9    rediscovery the study of material before socratice    M.Sc.    BAGHANI, FAHIMEH    2017-07-04
10    Acomparative study of Stoics and Epicurean ethics    M.Sc.    molazade, sajede    2017-07-04
11    Analysis and Review of the Prophetic Dream Theory of Dr. Soroush    M.Sc.    habashi balouch, abdolmalek    2017-06-03
12    investigation of the function of intelligence and religion in man' life and the relation between those two from Mollasadra'sviewpoint    Ph.D    khodabandeh bigy, malihe    2016-09-05
13    The explanation of theory of 'Methodic Understanding' and critique of 'Anarchism Meaning'.    M.Sc.    beik pur, atefeh    2016-05-10
14    Review and cash hypotheses theory of bills and expansion of the law    M.Sc.    ramezani, zahra    2016-04-19
15    Traditionalism in view Nasr and modern thinkers on its critiques    M.Sc.    akbari, akram    2016-04-19
16    Pragmatic Argument: a comparative statement of Imam Reza (AS) and Pascal version    M.Sc.    shamsi, javad    2016-01-12
17    Individuality from Heidegger, Sartre and Dostoyevsky's Viewpoint    M.Sc.    beik mohammadloo, ali    2015-12-22
18    Study of philosophical assumptions of comparative theology    M.Sc.    Javan, Maryam    2015-11-09
19    An Explanation and Critical Study of Fodor's Language of Thought Hypothesis    M.Sc.    Salari, Morteza    2015-10-13
20    Models of religious science from Javadi Amoli and Farhangestane oloum's point of views: A critical analysis    M.Sc.    NoorMohammadi, Elham    2015-10-06
21    Theory of Kripke on semantic: Kripke in Naming and necessity and Kripke in Wittgenestein on rules and private language    M.Sc.    toloue barakati, zahra    2015-06-02
22    kant and ibn roshd on reason and religion a comparative study    M.Sc.    shafie dastgerd, mohammad    2015-05-30
23    Religion and religious propositions from later Wittgenstein's point of view    M.Sc.    afkhami, toktam    2015-05-12
24    The ontology of the New (A study on Necessity, Contingency and Event in Aristotle, Hegel, Kripke and Badiou)    M.Sc.    ghafari, masoud    2015-05-12
25    Mechanism of interaction between argument, Quran, mysticism and its consquences in transcendent theosophy of Mulla Sadra    Ph.D    jashannezhad, aziz    2015-04-27
26    Rule-following, and Normativity of Meaning in Kripke (A Critical Study)    M.Sc.    Khani, Musa    2014-06-11
27    Theory of meaning in Grice’s philosophy    M.Sc.    behrad manesh, hasan    2014-03-18
28    secularism at the point of view of kant and molasadra    M.Sc.    Alagheband Hosseini, Seyyedeh Fatemeh    2014-03-11
29    Rationalism and Transcendence in Maimon\\\'s Philosophy    M.Sc.    shakeri, shahab    2013-12-10
30    sources of nasr hamid abo-zaid\\\'s thinking on western philosophy    M.Sc.    ensiyeh, ashpaz    2013-12-10
31    Wittgenstein's approach to meaning : early and later    M.Sc.    hoseini, seyed mehdi    2013-12-07
32    Genealogy & Archaeology on Nietzsche & Foucault`s view    M.Sc.    Abedi, Fatemeh    2013-11-19
33    The problem of demarcation in Kant,Wittgenstien and Popper    M.Sc.    Imani kia, hojjat    2013-09-03
34    liberal theocracy    M.Sc.    khademi kolabakhsh, maryam alsadat    2013-09-03
35    The Relation Of Reason And Emotion In Spinoza's Philosophy    M.Sc.    hematian boroujeni, elham    2013-09-03
36    The Concept of Intuition in Brgson\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Philosophy    M.Sc.    Anbarsooz, Mohammad    2013-08-23
37    Wittgenstein on the nature of logic    M.Sc.    hejazian, fatemehsadat    2013-05-28
38    The Relation Between Philosophy And Architecture: The Explanation Of The Necessity Of Philosophical Reflection In Architecture    M.Sc.    Mohseni, Ali Reza    2013-05-28
39    Existentialist philosophers (Heidegger & Sartr) on scrutinizing death and it’s representation in contemporary cinema    M.Sc.    Hossaini Aval, Mohtaram Alsadat    2013-05-28
40    Edmund Husserl\\\'s Phenomenological Elements in Martin Heidegger\\\'s Thought    M.Sc.    hosseini, bebe zohre    2012-06-11